You may not know who Shante Scott Franklin is, but his alias CURREN$Y, is the hardest working rapper in the world of independent artist today. The 13 year rap veteran is one of New Orleans finest.  CURREN$Y career turned for the better back in 2002 when he got signed to Master P label No Limit Records and became a member of the group  504 boys where he made many hits with C Murder and the late Soulja Slim.  From 2004 to 2008 Curren$y was signed to Cash Money/ Young Money Records, another label with a strong work ethic and consistency.

“Spitta” really begin to increase his buzz and fan base on the underground circuit.  “Where the cash out” was his first single release from Young Money records in 2006.  Curren$y finally got a taste of mainstream success in 2008 with appearances on MTV with his video “Address” and his single “Breakfast” which was produced by Yaslin Bey a.k.a. Mos Def, which was an honor and a great look for the mc. Curren$y’s style is a force that should be respected and embraced in the world of hip hop. Vocally he reminds you of “BG” from the early Cash Money Records days, but musically Curren$y is a collage of trap music, jazz, soul, and hip hop.  He’s not the deepest lyricist but he has a word play and a way of presenting the hustle, everyday life, and dreams of success with such a cleverness and sincerity that relates to so many people. I haven’t seen this level of commitment and consistency from an artist since the Master P No Limit days.

Curren$y never disappoints or leaves his fans without some new hot music to listen to. He stays on our mind the way a real rap artist that’s trying to go global should! When you’re done reading this article, enlighten your mind by getting yourself familiar with some of Curren$y greatest works like “The Stoned Immaculate”, “Covert coup”, “Priest Andretti”, “Jet World Order” I & II, and the underrated 3 song ep entitled “Closes Sessions”.  Curren$y has single handedly created a new genre of hip hop without even knowing it called geto soul music.

Written By:
Drew SoulQuest

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