There is a lack of lyrical content creativity, cleverness, and originality in hip hop culture,but the art of freestyle will never die. True rap fans will never get tired of the feeling you get when you hear an mc entertain and amaze you with their flows. These are just some of the mc’s that still care about their craft and want to continue to impress the listener with their poetry,skill,and wordplay that makes your face cringe and frown.  Let Culture73 know who yall think had the dopest freestyle bars of 2017.


         Cyhi The Prince   @CyhiThePrynce 



          Loaded Lux   IAMLOADEDLUX.COM



      Fred The Godson



        Conway   @WHOISCONWAY


         Joyner Lucas


               Big Krit



               Joey Badass



               Ms Hustle



                  Cassidy     @CASSIDY_LARSINY

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