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Hip Hop was founded August 11, 1973 in Bronx, NY by DJ Kool Herc. Culture73.com  is dedicated to communicating the importance of balancing hip-hop culture. We feature articles, music videos, filmed interviews, broadcast segments, and coverage of live performances from mainstream and independent artist. We are an online magazine that represents the true aspect of the hip-hop culture and strive to keep its legacy alive.

Culture73.com offers a voice, media exposure, opportunities, promotions, and services to independent and major hip hop artists. Our goal is to build a strong community of connoisseurs, literary enthusiasts, creative artists, and true fanatics of hip-hop culture.

We represent every aspect of the culture past, present, and future. We believe all talented artist,producers,and  dj’s creating quality content should get the fair share of exposure they deserve. Hip hop is the onlygenre of music that was created in the ghetto and inner city, so it will always have a harder edge and reflect the “streets” and urban life, the positive and negative aspects.

Culture73.com is the heartbeat of hip hop culture. We love hip hop and forever will respect the history, educate, and inform all walks of life about this powerful culture that changed the world forever!  Thank you for believing in our vision.

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