by Maad Queen

Chicago recording artist Taylor Mallory released a new EP titled TaylorMade that sounds like the musical score of a beautiful summer day in Chicago.

TaylorMade offers a break from the current carnally-inspired standard of R&B music. Taylor Mallory paints portraits of the perfect woman through the power of his words.  It is as if he is courting her through his music, in hopes that she listens and hears his call.

Taylor Mallory reconciles the standards of contemporary R & B music as a vocal artist. His single “Footage” is in rotation at Chicago radio station WGCI. The track “Something Different” deviates from the rest of the EP, featuring a live performance clip where he introduces the listener to his hip-hop roots. Listening to this project reminds me of the times I spent driving north on Lake Shore Drive, headed to Navy Pier, feeling the breeze from Lake Michigan with my love by my side. The soul in his vocals is reminiscent of R & B singers of the nineties, when artists sang about the way love felt.

Download Level Next recording artist Taylor Mallory’s full TaylorMade EP at Chicago listeners, tune in to WGCI and request his song “Footage” which is featured on the TaylorMade EP.