One of the highlights of the summer was the 100 block street art competition in Albany, GA which is a raw and vibrant way for artist and spectators to express their love of the arts. The celebrated and showcased art forms range from   Djing, Breakdancing, Graffiti, and Hip Hop featuring talented and creative artist from all over Georgia. The Art Park has been open for 2 years now, and was made from a previous building that was torn down. It is open to the public, free of entry, but they do accept donations. The art park is always a blank canvas for any artist who wants to create. This event was a great way for people in the community to voice their opinion of how they view the world with just a can of spray paint. All the participants worked from sun up to 6 pm to give their mural the quality attention it needed. The directors and judges were there the majority of the day to watch the amazing transformation of each of the pieces. Local musicians from the surrounding area performed several of their hit songs to entertain the crowds of art lovers in attendance. There was also an open bar available to those of age who wanted to turn up, along with a variety of great food from various vendors. Onlookers that came in to visit the event were very interested on how they could get more involved. There was spray paint available to anyone who was interested in expressing their artistic side. The event was organized and well put together. The building itself does not have a ceiling but there were tents and an office on site.  The after party went on until 12 a.m. A lot of the performing artist were nominees for the GA music awards. Each person that I encountered had a passion for their talents and plan to pursue their dreams.  The Art Park is being noticed by many cities and is one of its kind.