Grammy’s still receiving Backlash
By Naia Williams

2 months later and the Grammy Awards are still catching backlash from artists to music lovers and let’s not forget the Beyhive.





MTV reported that the 57th annual Grammy Awards for first time in 25 years did not televise hip-hop categories. Still to this day The Recording Academy is receiving backlash from last year Grammy Awards for Best Rap going to Macklemore instead of Kendrick Lamar. That night of the 57th annual awards that recently past Kendrick Lamar won two awards: Best Rap Song for “I” and Best Rap Performance for “I.” Lamar is very deserving of the awards he received, but there are questions that rises from his victory, why was the rap categories not televised? did he win based on sympathy from last year’s fail? or the fact that “I” was very universal and mainstream for The Recording Academy to understand. It leaves artists in the Hip-Hop community questioning their place in the industry.
Is Hip Hop music unworthy of being televised at the Grammy’s? Some blogs have stated yes. Some critics have said its hip hop music and if they wanted to be taking serious they would make a change. They would make music worth listening too. The truth is the quality of hip hop may have declined, but the culture of hip-hop never left. The Grammy’s was created to award artists and technical professionals for achievement in the industry not by sales or chart positions. There is no way that Hip-Hop and it’s powerful influence can be cut from the music industry, If awards are presented based on achievement then Hip-Hop artists such as J.Cole Wale, and Kendrick Lamar should be highly considered. These artists make music worthy to be honored, they make music for the people and for the issues we face in society. They have influenced a generation by staying true to themselves and that is enough for Grammy achievement.
The Hip Hop culture should not boycott the awards, but find ways to better the Annual Grammy Awards. Becoming a member of The Recording Academy is one way to go, which offers opportunities to network and possibly work the Grammy’s. Music professionals established in the Hip-Hop community have the opportunity to become a member and take place in the voting process. In order to make a change, sometimes you have to take matters in your own hands. The Hip Hop culture should continue to influence the people with their impactful beats and life changing lyrics cause hard work always pays off. Hopefully 10 months from now we see our hip hop musicians honored on television.