Law enforcement and the judicial system was founded on the principles of white supremacy by white supremacist so black people will never have a fair situation. The police were formed to control us, keep us in our place, and make sure we don’t venture too far out of our areas into the white rich neighborhoods. This is why I could never respect or understand any black or white person that would join law enforcement and could only assume you are part of the problem and support this racist unfair foundation. It also seems from my personal experience that individuals that join the biggest gang ever aka “The Police” are always the weak,pussy, bitch ass, soft, suckers that have been bullied and never had a personality or voice so they rush to become a police officer to feel like now I can be a man and force people to respect me.These kind of people once granted power, can be counted on to abuse those under their authority just because they can and keep alive the spirits of the “paddyrollers” from slavery times. The white mans fear has vandalized the perception of the black man that instantly intimidates you.

The famous slogan protect and serve is a fucking joke that means we protect white people and serve these niggers with a flurry of disrespectful violence and death since day one. I have no faith or trust in law enforcement or the judicial system. Everyday I fear for my life along with my children and my fellow black people all over the United States of America. I spit and shit on your evil foundation and actions that massacre lives daily in front of the world with no repercussions.

Police officers are paid a salary that comes from a department budget that is funded predominantly by taxpayers just like most government agencies. Our fucking hard earned dollars pay these fuckboys to kill our black men and murder our children’s future and it must end. The time is now! I’m outraged!! I can’t breathe!! We have marched,rioted, protest,and boycotted for years and still in 2020 these scummy motherfuckers are still murdering our people in record numbers!! Our methods aren’t working!!!!

It’s time to figure out how to cut these pigs budgets,salaries, and pensions. Hit them where it hurts. The white man’s greed is the most powerful force in this world and when the pigs slop and mud is threatened the pig goes mad. It’s time to put tougher petitions and hold your local government and lawmakers accountable and make sure that racist ass policeman are not being funded in the present or future. Let there be rules in place like if you abuse your power you lose your pension and benefits. Precincts with high complaints of abuse or harassment should lose their budgets.

Black folks don’t have enough money,power,resources,and respect to change things by ourself. All white people that are not racist, and make money from us as artist,entertainers,and athletes, All the white women that love black men and create beautiful black babies with them, All the white people that have black friends they love it’s time for all of you to break your silence and stand up and speak up for humanity and fight with us for equality. If you benefit from Black lives and they truly matter to you helps us reach all local government and lawmakers to assist us to shut down the pigs pensions and budgets and put systems in place to create consequences for their actions.Your silence is no longer accepted! A hashtag or social media post is not enough. Together we can create change that will stick.

Since the outraged public in Minnesota has burned it down and fucked up white folks money its forced the powers that be to finally put a murder charge against that ex pig less than a man,white devil, Derek Chauvin and I hope they put him in general population in jail and he is truly treated like the bitch boy he is on a daily basis. A gun and a badge does not give you the authority to kill a minority.

I pray the family of George Floyd gain clarity, justice, and peace.

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