I was suppose to be at this video shoot but I wasn’t able to make it to Chicago that day for the shoot in Grant Park.  This is the only song I’ve heard this year that has moved me. I haven’t even heard a song remotely close to this in years. Some rappers get that big money and lose all touch and motivation,like racism and the struggle dissapeared for your people cause you got some money now. Black people  don’t realize how much power  we got with this music and how we run pop culture, but instead you let a white label exec that knows nothing about the struggle,and our music tell you how to create and what kind of music to make. We need more songs like this every once in a while to speak to us in a positive way and bring awareness. The visual for “Treat me Caucasian” is cool,but I want Spike Lee to invest and remake the video with his vision,finances, and resources. Such an epic song with so much power that speaks to the timeless struggle of black people deserves an epic video to match. I’m gonna send this video to Spike and see if he would hook up Super BWE and Mick Jenkins, They deserve it!!

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Drew SoulQuest