The world is uprising against police brutality and racism, but meanwhile in Atlanta a stupid, heartless MF ex pig bitch named Garrett Rolfe decided he wanted to shoot Rayshard Brooks dead in a Wendys parking lot on June 12,2020. Nothing registered in Rolfe brain that shooting a black man is the last thing i need to do in this climate if I care about my life or career. Why is there no level to the adjustment of force needed based on the situation? A black man can run a stop sign, but get met with deadly police force like he robbed a bank and shot innocent people in the process. This just once again proves how broken policing in America is. Rayshard Brooks at best should be alive with a public intoxication charge regretting his decision.

The training, decision making, situation assessment, and mental capability of all American police need to be started over from scratch and monitored and accessed from a non bias third party organization. If Rayshard Brooks would have ran away from the pig bitches and got away no lives would have been loss. If pig bitch Rolfe shot Brooks in the leg to stop him from running, he would still be alive in the hospital with a public intoxication charge he would face the consequences of, learn from and move on with his life. Brooks was not a danger or menace to the citizens of Atlanta,but pig bitch Rolfe felt he deserved to die for his public intoxication. Accountability, criminal charges, and REFORM for the pigs is needed now by all means necessary! Click here to read the full story.

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