Sean Kingston (with his lesbian looking self), got his Bentley repossessed last night on Sunset Boulevard. Ouch! How embarrassing for a Baller. Sources say he was at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood last night and valet keeps the high-profile cars in front of the hotel to show off and that’s when the repo crew struck. It got a little heated when someone alerted Sean that they were towing his Bentley away. He was arguing back and forth with the repo guy saying I paid my bill already. Really Sean?  It was like an episode of Operation repo or South Beach Tow “Baller Edition” Then he was reported seen at another nightclub later on that night without the Bentley I guess he said I really got drink and party my pain and embarrassment away now. Yeah some artists never learn, everyone wants to be a Baller and most artist live beyond their means and end up being in debt or broke. How about if you got 1 to 10 million dollars don’t live like you have 100 million. Ask a true baller like diddy ,oh I mean Puff Daddy there’s a big difference.

Post by Drew SoulQuest