Hitting the ground running and doing big things with no limit is the mindset of Gary, In native artist and entrepreneur, Shauna LeShe’. The 24 year old caught C73’s attention because she is a young talent with great hustle who owns her own multi-media company named “Underdawgs Playground”. Shauna LeShe’ also has a clothing line called “Rich Friends” Apparel. Leshe’ hosts a rap freestyle cypher with some of the hottest rappers in the city of Gary. LeShe’ is making waves in the industry while remaining humble. She grew up on Gary’s west side and tells C73 “seeing the golden M on the McDonald’s sign from my house always represented big business and millions to me and I dreamed of having the same M’s” with her success as an entrepreneur.

Shauna tells C73 “I came up freestyling to all the hottest rap instrumentals of my favorite rappers”. Shauna’s grandfather was a preacher and she would take her grandfather’s sermon tapes, use them for inspiration and flip them into verses. At 9 years old Shauna’s grandfather was more impressed than pissed. He would say “gone head with your bad self” and wait to hear and see more. Leshe shed her light in the classrooms of Webster Elementary School, where she would later go on to produce her own cypher entitled “219’s Bars & Bosses”.

Leshe inspiration in music is heavily influenced by 90’s artist such as Master P, Dame, and Da Brat, and says Da Brat is her “spirit sister”. Growing up Leshe’s eyes was glued to “The Romeo show” and her drive was sparked as she witnessed Lil’ Romeo being an 11-year-old kid rapping and managing music while going to school. LeShe made up her mind she could juggle school with her music career just like Lil Romeo. LeShe’s work aims to visualize and embody the live rich brand as she believes your vision should be your happy place.

Shauna LeShe’ is definitely one to watch in this game! LeShe’s most recent cypher, “219’s Bars & Bosses” is growing on social media with over 10k organic views while shining light on the hottest and most talented names in the G. LeShe’ says she lets God navigate her road to success. She continues to align herself with people who have already achieved success in the music industry. Shauna is humble with meek vibes and the sky is the limit for this Gary native.

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