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by Maad Queen

The Lupe Fiasco Foundation hosted “What’s Your Mission? A Community All-Call Event” at the Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner-City Studies on the south side of Chicago.

The Community All-Call Event established a platform for Chicago residents to improve community interaction within the city’s urban neighborhoods.  The Lupe Fiasco Foundation’s mission ambassador and cancer survivor Kwesi Ronald Harris was the event’s keynote speaker. He challenged attendees to collaborate and create a network of professionals in the creative arts, education, and media industries.

Words were shared from Dr. Conrad Worril, Program Director at Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies. Chicagoans in attendance included author Wallace ‘Gator’ Bradley and Executive Director of Donda’s House, Donnie Smith. Donda’s House is community initiative formed by Chicago artists Kanye West and Rhymefest aimed at developing creative arts in the city’s urban neighborhoods.

Lupe Fiasco took a break from recording to address those in attendance the Community All-Call Event. Chicago has been suffering from violence, crime, and poverty over recent years. Lupe Fiasco speaks openly about his views on global political reform and socio-economic improvement in Chicago’s urban areas.

This event connected Chicago residents searching for understanding of their respective skills and organized a community effort to increase the quality of life in Chicago’s poverty-stricken and violent neighborhoods. To get involved contact the Lupe Fiasco Foundation’s website http://www.lupefiascofoundation.org/contact/

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