I’m sure the pic of the nice full breast got your attention. Now that I have it take a minute to read about my perspective on the exploitation of women in hip hop culture. This is my disclaimer statement: I’m not knocking anyone’s music, hustle, or personal thoughts. I am not hating, bashing anyone, or being negative. This article is a brief exploration of sexism in Hip Hop.
Ok so with that out of the way let us begin. I love rap music and music of all kind. The presets in my car go from 0-9, each one being a different station ranging from pop, reggae, county, rap, R&B, and classical. So I bounce from station to station each day based on my mood. Most days I can listen to anything but some days I cannot tolerate the sexually explicit and vulgar language that comes from one of my hip hop stations. Some days I literally say what am I listening to?

Nowadays, mainstream Hip hop music has pushed these derogatory lyrics and videos featuring half naked women into the minds of viewers and listeners everywhere. Yes in our society sex sells but it time that we dig deeper into this and think about the effects on our society. Ultimately, we know that Hip Hop has a major impact on society. Hip Hop teaches the world things whether it be fashion, or how to treat women. Right now, Hip Hop is showing the world that it’s ok to be disrespect women. Women should be treated like accessories.  For instance, songs like Trey Songs “Successful” and Future’s “I Won” are depicting women as prizes or possessions. This is the mentality of many artist and once this message is repeated constantly this is what kids end up believing. All I can think about is Tupac Lyrics:
I think it’s time to kill for our women
Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies

That will hate the ladies, that make the babies





Being a young educated woman, it’s hard to listen to songs like Chris Brown’s Loyal, Rick Ross’s” Bag Of Money”. But what’s wrong with these songs Tila? They contain lyrics that are offensive. First of all we don’t allow our boyfriends or male friends to call us the B-word (maybe our gay friends). Secondly, is there no other comparison, because money is filthy and passed from person to person. One of Americas favorite rappers Eminem spits lyrics like “Put that s**t away Iggy/ You don’t wanna blow that rape whistle on me/ Scream!/ I love it/ ‘Fore I get lost with the getting off.” this is from his new song “Vegas” where he also raps about punching Lana Del Ray in the face. It’s also hard to watch videos were the women are twerking or getting it on with the rapper. Once again this is not all rap music but it seems to be the majority of rap and is definitely the most popular.

Next let’s have a quick check about the video “Model”. I use the term loosely because I feel that model should be reserved for the Tyra’s, Iman,and Jordan Dunn’s of the world. But that’s another article. Most of the girls in these videos are undressed, shaking and strutting about. What’s the point? MOB(Money over B*tches) or YOLO (You Only Live Once).
One other thing that I would like to touch on is female rappers. Female rappers like LiL Kim , and Nikki MInaj feel like that have to show there asses to get attention. Nikki Minaj is posing for Anaconda and you can see everything but her crack. Yes I know sex sells but so do powerful lyrics and dynamic songs. It’s time that female rappers drop the gimmicks, the façade, and let talent speak for itself. What image and message are we sending to our daughters? In order to compete with the boys you have to out vulgar like  them exploit yourself in the process to be accepted?
By: Tila G