Sy Ari “Da Kid” is from New York,the birthplace of hip hop and was raised in Atlanta. When you listen to his music you hear the Atlanta sound with a New York lyrically infused feel. Sy is a self taught producer and mastered production and recording with Pro Tools. Da Kid’s production skills brought him to the attention of Grammy Award winning songwriter/producer Brian Michael Cox who signed him to a deal producing on his label, December First Publishing Group. It was from that deal that Da Kid officially launched his independent label Arrogant Music, Sy Ari Da Kid is one of the most versatile artist in the game. If your not familiar with Sy start by finding his 2011 debut solo mixtape entitled “The Ultrasound” which is widely regarded as a classic within many Hip-Hop circles.(start with track 9 first)  Sy Ari Da Kid has worked with the likes of Waka Flocka, Future, Travis Porter, Spliff Starr, Roscoe Dash, Alley Boy, Cyhi Da Prince, Slim Dunkin, Lil Niqo, Lady Luck, Dolla Boy, & The Runners just to name a few. Check out his 2015 A3C hip hop festival interview with Maad Queen of Culture73

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